Dyno Tuning Information

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Te Rapa Automotive Repairs Ltd  is Hamilton's Premium Dyno Tuning and Performance Centre for petrol and diesel vehicles. (For diesel tuning see our ECU page).

We have been specialising in building, tuning and modifying performance cars and race engines for the last 30 years, with a vast experience in Race, Rallying, Drift, Speedway, Track and Street vehicles.

Our highly qualified  trained team of professionals have the experience and skills to offer knowledgeable advice to best suit what you are trying to obtain from your vehicle. The staff is experienced in installation and tuning of a vast range of computer engine management systems, and will be able to customise the tune to suit your application.

We have the latest software and are equipped with a Hi-Tech 4WD Dyno as well as all other diagnostic tools and workshop facilities on offer.

Te Rapa Automotive Repairs delivers outstanding service and performance, and we would like to extend our expertise to you to enable you to achieve the best results you a looking for.

We stock and specialise in all Link Products.
Dyno Days can also be arranged on request (See our Dyno Day Page)