Extensive 10km Service - 2.5 hours (10,000km 4x4 & Commercial Vehicles – (Diesel)

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from $340.00 (Incl)

Includes Oil (max 7 litres)

Oil Filter (max value $40.00)


  • Change Oil – (Maximum 7ltr oil)
  • Change Oil Filter - (Maximum $40.00 Oil Filter)
  • Change Wiper Blades
  • Check air filter element (additional cost for replacement)
  • Check fuel filter (additional cost for replacement)
  • Check coolant level
  • Check fluid level – Brake, clutch, power steering, battery & windscreen washer
  • Clean – Corrosion off battery terminals and smear with petroleum jelly
  • Check & adjust, Dwell angle, ignition timing, idle speed & air/fuel ratio
  • Check drive belts for cracks, wear and tension
  • Check coolant hoses & radiator for leaks & deterioration
  • Check & adjust clutch pedal free travel
  • Check exhaust systemRemove wheels and check brake lining thickness, Brake rotor/drum condition, visually inspect for hydraulic leaks
  • Check suspension, drive shafts & wheel bearings Inspect steering linkage, rack boots & CV Boots
  • Check tyres for wear and damage, inflate to correct inflation. Including spare
  • Check transmission, transfer case & diff oil levels
  • Lubricate all grease points, locks, catches, hinges, pedal pivots, handbrake linkages
  • Check operation of lights
  • Advise on any faults found

Note: Any faults found are detailed on job card


Make out service label = 6 months or 10,000km service interval

PLEASE NOTE: Any additional exotic oils, repairs or parts used are at the customer expense – with customer prior approval